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At Prairie Dog Wellness, we believe in treating the whole body rather than treating an injury or medical issue in isolation. That’s why we offer an extensive range of services to help improve movement and function. Read on to find out more.


Discover Chiropractic

Chiropractors focus on your spine, muscle, and nervous system and treat the bones, muscles, soft tissues, and joints that you use every day. The spine, muscle, and nervous system supports your weight, keeps your body stable, protects your organs, and keeps you moving. It also connects directly to other vital systems in your body, which is why medical professionals, researchers, and the wider health community trust the spine care expertise of chiropractors to assess, diagnose, and treat conditions and injuries related to the spine, muscle, and nervous system. For optimal health and quality of life, a chiropractor should be part of every Canadian’s healthcare team.

Discover Laser Therapy

Since gaining FDA approval in 2003, class IV laser therapy has emerged as a vital treatment for millions of people. In addition to treating arthritis and other musculoskeletal conditions, doctors now use class IV laser therapy for tissue healing. With more than a decade of beneficial use, doctors have refined the therapeutics behind class IV laser therapy. In recent years, the technology behind class IV therapy equipment has advanced. Moreover, many doctors who once opposed class IV laser therapy now embrace it as a safe alternative to more invasive treatment.

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About Dr. Kelly Harrison

Dr. Kelly Harrison grew up in Carstairs and Olds. He completed his Doctorate of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University, in Minneapolis Minnesota in 2002. Upon graduation, He practiced for 13 years in Calgary where he worked with a wide variety of patients; including professional, amateur and Olympic athletes. In March of 2015, he joined Dr. Herman's practice in Olds. In 2018 he purchased the Practice from Dr. Herman and Prairie Dog Wellness was born! Dr. Harrison’s approach embodies not only chiropractic adjustments, but many soft tissues techniques as well as the newest technology in Medical Laser Therapy. 

About Dr. Ryan Block

Dr. Ryan Block was raised on a farm outside of Olds, Alberta and attended University of Alberta playing with the Golden Bears football team to complete his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. His studies lead him to Davenport, Iowa where he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic graduating in February of 2021. In Iowa he was on scholarship for rugby and graduated as Class Valedictorian. Dr. Block's passion and focus is to restore proper biochemical functioning through traditional chiropractic adjustments, exercise, and soft tissue therapies. 

About Dr. Edward Herman

Dr. Edward Herman is entering his 49th year of providing Chiropractic care to patients in Olds and its surrounding communities. He graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa in 1973. Dr. Herman's approach to Chiropractic is a unique technique called Micro Manipulation, which uses the slightest amount of pressure that provides great results. After 45 years, 2 locations, and several patients, Dr. Herman sold his Practice to Dr. Harrison in 2018. He is now practicing part time, and starting to enjoy some well deserved time off. 

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I have been terrified of chiropractors for some reason.  The pain in my neck got so bad I decided to go see Dr Harrison & he was fabulous.  Explained everything he was going to do & what to expect.  Still get a bit nervous, but after just a few treatments my neck feels so much better!!

Dr. Harrison, I've been telling everyone that I know of your amazing talent and your incredible knowledge. You deserve many more stars than just the 5 I can give you. Thank you again!

Stacy D.

Steve W.

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